Welcome to VITA VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program)!

Here you will find all the information regarding our program designed to thank all of you, our wonderful volunteers, for your time and dedication to our program.


There are two tiers of VIP members:
1: VIP Standard (top 30-40 volunteers)
  • Automatic consideration for next year’s VITA Committee (our e-board)
  • Invitation to a dinner with all VIP members paid for by VITA
  • Certificate of Appreciation from our VITA Committee
2: VIP PLUS (top 15 volunteers)
  • All the rewards of a VIP Standard member
  • An EXCLUSIVE dinner with part of Deloitte’s tax team where you get to network and talk about your VITA experiences with Deloitte professionals
  • Special “awards” granted by our VITA Committee
How to Become a  VITA VIP member: It’s simple, the people with the most points at the end of the season are considered the top volunteers! The points breakdown is as follows:
  • 1 point: For every hour volunteered at USC Gateway Site before March 15
  • 1.5 points: For every hour volunteered at El Nido Site before March 15
  • 2 points: For every hour volunteered after March 16 (VITA gets really busy after Mid-March and we really need you!)
  • 3 points: For every basic return done at any site at any day
  • 5 points: For passing Foreign Student certification and for every 1040NR return completed
  • 10 points: For every time you are elected volunteer of the week


Volunteer of the Week:  The way to earn this award is not by points, but to go above and beyond a normal volunteer’s duties. Some ideas may include handling a difficult client, helping other volunteers with their returns, learning new things and teaching others, etc. Each volunteer of the week will receive a $5 gift card in addition to their 10 points. One volunteer from each site (Gateway and El Nido) will earn this award each week and your name will be featured on the screen in the Leventhal Lobby as well.